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It is has been well documented that our nation has been experiencing several years of an ever growing chiasm between the demand for child mental health services and the availability of specialized, pediatric, mental health providers and programs. There is a burgeoning need for creative, cost effective and readily deployable, evidence-based protocols for treating youth with mental illness, and their families. This workshop will demonstrate parent and psychosocial skills training techniques deployed within an evidence-based, manualized, group therapy service delivery model, which is sustainable in a managed care environment, applicable across a broad patient population, as well as effective in several key, outcome domains. The parent and psychosocial skills training modules will be presented in an interactive and experiential format, following a method of Socratic teaching and structured exercises. The training will be supplemented by a book, which describes the treatment protocols.


The two-day workshop would include two trainers simultaneously running 2 parallel trainings that are repeated over two consecutive days.  One training track would focus on the parent training modular curricula, while the other would teach the psychosocial skills training modular curricula for children.  Workshop participants would be divided into two groups.  Both groups would receive training on the parent and child tracks, but in reversed order.

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Skill Areas:

Participants will learn:

  • "Hands on" instruction on group format, parent and psychosocial skills training techniques for families with children who have disruptive behavior disorders
  • A service delivery model that was designed to optimize access to care, cost effectiveness, standardization and skills training for families


Mary Cook, M.D.

Training Options

BICA Training:Transforming Behavior: Training Parents and Kids Together

Demonstration Workshop of an Evidence Based, Manualized, Group Intervention of Parent and Psychosocial Skills Training for School Aged Children

Interest Area
  • Child Psychologists
    Child Psychiatrists
    Clinical Social Workers
    Pediatric Nurses
    Healthcare Providers
    Social Service Workers
    Educational Staff
Expertise Level
  • Professional

Age Level

  • Adult

Stage 1: Awareness
1-2 hour
Stage 2: Application
Two-day Workshop
Stage 3: Independence
Two-day Workshop
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Graduate Credit & Continuing Education

Graduate credit and continuing education clock hours are available.

Custom Workshops

The workshop can be customized based on experience level, particular needs and available workshop time. For more information on developing a custom workshop, please contact us.

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