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Anti-Bullying Pledge Steps to Respect
Search Institute
Bullying Among Children and Youth with Special Needs
Bullying Behavior - Warning Signs
C. Meehan
Bullying Interventions Imbedded into a Comprehensive System
Bullying of Children with Exceptionalities
Bullying-Teen Issues Guide for Parents
Univ of TN
Children and Bullying - Guide for Parents


SAFE - Acronym
J. Hoover & G. Olsen 
5 Steps to Cultivate Empathy
R. Taran
6 Pillars of Character
Josephson Institute
7 Cs of Resilience
K. Ginsburg
7 Dimensions of Wellness
UC Riverside
7 Essential Principles for Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage
S. Newman
9 Ways That Humor Heals
T. Borchard
10 Characteristics of a Good Leader

10 Commandments for Effective Meetings

10 Dimensions of Effectiveness in Interpersonal Relations
S. Wolfe
10 Most Powerful Two-Letter Words

10 Suggestions for Getting Along Better with People

12 Keys to Successful Behavioral Improvement
F.J. Marone
12 Principles of Re-education
N. Gobbs
12 Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking

15 Elements of Resilience
E. Gothburg
20 Tips for Creating a Safe Learning Environment
R. Alber
20 Tips to Promote Self Esteem
R. Lavoie
50 Behaviors Which May Be Learned Through Group Processes
S. Braaten
A New Declaration of Independence - 1909
E. Goldman
A Student's Request of His Teacher

The ABCs of Behavior Chart
S. Braaten
The ABCs of Working with Parents

About School

Action Research for Teachers

Acts of Good Discipline

ANON - Myth Behind the LEgend
D. Simanek
Answer - Acronym

Assaultive Students: Strategies to Help

Assertiveness Is

Attributes of Successful Teachers
J. Brophy
Behavior Labeling

Behavioral Definitions

Blue Ribbon Against Child Abuse

Blueprints for Success
VanAcker, Boreson & Potterton
Building Better Relationships with Parents
Building on Family Strengths
D. Jordan
Building Self Esteem

Bus Rules

Bus Transportation Challenges
S. Braaten
Ceremony and Ritual
N. Hobbs
Challenging Behavior Effective Discipline
A. Canter & B. Wright
Characteristics of Alternative Schools
R.C. Sarri
Classroom Discipline Checklist
B. Braaten
Classroom Management Skills
M. Haberman
Common Passive Attention Misbehaviors
R. Driekurs
Competitive Greatness
J. Hill & J. Wooden
Consequences of Illicit Drug Use in America - Fact Sheet
Constitution Bill of Rights & Education

M. Argyle
Creating A Climate for Learning - Classroom Management
L. Starr
Criterion for Useful Theories
Alberto & Troutman
Dead Man's Test
O. Lindsley
Dimensions of Self Esteem
S. Coopersmith
Early Literacy to Promote Social Emotional Health
Early Literacy Zero to 3

EBBP Competencies for Evidence-based Practice
Effective Parent Conferences
E. Guetzloe
Emotional Literacy Ruler Approach Acronym

ERASE - Acronym
T. Scott
Essential Intervention Plan Elements
S. Braaten
Facilitating Feedback
S. Braaten
Failure Cycle

FAST - Acronym
McIntosh, Vaughn & Bennerson
FLOW - Acronym
Indiana Univ.
Flowers are Red
H. Chapin
FORCE - Acronym
From At-Risk to Excellence - Principles for Practice
Goals of Misbehavior
Montgomery Cty Interm Unit
Good Intentions Versus Bad: Why the Old Ways Win Out

Human Service System - Pyramid or Circle
VanderKlift & Kunc
I Have a Messy Desk
A. Cullum
Intervention Hierarchy
S. Braaten
Intervention Options
S. Braaten
Judicious Discipline
F. Gathercoal
Keeping Students Honest

Key Maker
LEADER - Acronym

Leadership Test
P. Drucker
Linking Social Development & Behavior to School Readiness
B. Smith


Moral Treatment
R. Caplan
My 10 Commandments for Adults in Kids Lives

PEER - Acronym

Peer Conflict Mediation
K. Bosworth

Phases of Acting-Out Cycle
G. Colvin
Planting Time - How to Insure a Harvest of Good Students

Positive School Climate
E. Guetzloe
Practices That Put Students Down

Vorrath & Brendtro
Project Happiness
Providing a Positive School Environment
E. Guetzloe
Research-Based Effective Teaching Principles
Resilience and Protective Factors

Rules for Making Rules

Scientifically-Based Research vs. Evidence-Based Practices

Skills That Promote Harmonious Relationships
Strayhorn, Strain & Walker
SLAM - Acronym
McIntosh, Vaughn & Bennerson
SLANT - Acronym
Univ of Kansas
Social Skills & Academic Achievement
Stages of a Temper Tantrum
Trieschman, Whittaker & Brendtro
Student Motivation to Learn
L. Lumsden
Successful Programs
M.M. Wood
Survival Guide for New Teachers
A. DePaul
System Change
S. Braaten
Things to Consider When Breaking Up a Fight
S. Braaten
Tips for Bus Drivers
S. Braaten
Tips for Preventing Problems
S. Braaten
Tips for Setting Up Student Success
B. Braaten
Using Choice to Promote Improved Behavior
Verbal Intervention

Ways to Maintain Student Discipline

What Makes Kids Care
Where is My Place in Your Puzzle?
A. Cullum
Why Children Do Not Perform Acceptable Behavior
J. Kauffman
Why We Don't Hear Others
Communication Briefings
Without Data All We Have are Assumptions
Crocket & Yell
Wrong Ways to Listen