A Mentor
R.L. Listenbee
A Youth Is To Be Regarded With Respect

Advice from a Tree
All Students Can Learn
W. Spady
All That Is Necessary

All Who Have Meditated on the Art of Governing Mankind
Any Man Can Make Mistakes
As A Child Lives Today
J. Dewey
Between Stimulus and Response
V. Frankl
The Brain and Learning
K. Wesson
Character Consists of What You Do on the Third and Fourth Tries
J. Michener
Children Learn What They Live
D.L. Nolte
P. Diller
Choose Your Friends
J. James
M. Mead

Courage Is
John Wayne
Courage to Teach
P.J. Palmer
Dangerous Society
M.L. King Jr.
Degrees of Ones Knowledge
B. Russell
Each Time A Person Stands Up
R. Kennedy
The Earth Flag Declaration

Education Is Indeed Necessary
J.A. Comenius
Education's Purpose
M. Forbes
Experience Is Not
A. Huxley
Fair is Not Everyone Gets the Same
R. Lavoie
For Every Complex Problem
H.L. Menken
From the Standpoint of the Child
J. Dewey
Future of Any Society
W. Damon
Great Works
S. Johnson
The Greatest Good

Hickey's Law

The Human Race
B. Russell
I Am An Optimist
W. Churchill
I Can't Go On
D. Previn
I Hated Every Minute of Training
Muhammad Ali
I'd Rather Be A Failure
G. Burns
If We Are Truly to Achieve an Empathetic Civilization
D. Elkind
If We Wish to Foster Growth in Children of Curiosity
M. Trippe
If You Can't Do Anything Else
W. Brown
If You Don't Know What's Important
A. Combs
If You Want Melons

In Pursuit of Excellence
W. Morse
Insanity Is
A. Einstein
I've Missed More Than
M. Jordan
It's No Use Saying
W. Churchill
Kids Who Are Different
D. Wolfe
Know Yourself
A. Landers
Knowledge Is
A. Toffler
Let Me Be A Free Man
Chief Joseph
Life is Like Riding a Bicycle
A. Einstein
The Limits of My Language
L. Wittgenstein
Man Masters Nature Not By Force But By Understanding
J. Bronowsk
Manhood At Its Best
Mankind Likes to Think In Terms of Extreme Opposites
J. Dewey
Mentally Deficient Children 1900
G.E. Shuttleworth
The Mind Is Restless
Never Tell People How
G. Patton
M.L. King Jr.
No Act of Kindness
No One Can Make You Feel Inferior
E. Roosevelt
Normal Is

Of Offering More Than We Can Deliver

On Bonding and War
I Eible Eibsefeldt
On Human Deviation
W. Rhodes
W. Morse
On Optimism
Dalai Lama
On Simplicity
A.N. Whitehead
On the Future
J. Scharr
One Ant At A Picnic

One Of The Secrets Of Life
L. Carroll
Our Society Has Seen Its Men Walk On The Moon

Our Youth
People Will Forget What You Said
M. Angelou
Personal Approach
H. Ginott
Power of Accurate Observation
G. Bernard Shaw
Reach Real Peace
Responding to Violence with More Violence
Dalai Lama
Rights of Children
United Nations
The Old Wisdom
Jane Goodall
The Pessimist Sees Difficulty in Every Opportunity
Winston Churchill
The Rediscovery of Humanism
M. Trippe
The Relativity of Normal
R. Benedict
The River
E.M. Bower
The World Suffers A Lot
B.F. Skinner
Service is the Rent
M. Edelman Wright
Start With What They Know
Lau Tau
Teachers Are

Teaching is Difficult
W. Glaser
The Essence of Genius
J. Keats
The Only Man I  Know Who Behaves Sensibly is My Tailor
G. Bernard Shaw
The Task of the Teacher
A.H. Maslow
The Time is Always Right
M.L. King Jr.
There Is No Right Way to Do The Wrong Thing
W. Brown
There Never Was a Time
C. Everett Koop
Through Violence
M.L. King Jr.
Touch Lives of Children

Toward a Kindlier Society
B. Spock
Two Wolves
A. Einstein
Watch Your Thoughts
F. Outlaw
We Are Never Prepared for What We Expect
J. Michener
We Want to Raise Our Children
Fred Rogers
What Am I?

What We Do
What You Live

When I Was A Boy of Fourteen
M. Twain
When You Cannot Measure It
W. Thomson & Lord Kelvin
When You Plant Lettuce
Thich Nhat Hanh
Where Ever There Is A Human In Need
K. Heath
Whether We Call It Education
C. Fenichel
With Good Manners
Yiddish Proverb
Worry Is The Interest Paid
G. Washington
You Do Not Lead By
D.D. Eisenhower

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