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Barbara Braaten

Training Topics

Barbara Braaten is a BICA-certified trainer for the following topics:

  • Integrating Social Skills and Literacy

Ms. Braaten also provides customized training including, but not limited to, the following subject areas:

  • Elementary School Administration
  • Elementary Literacy
  • Mentoring

About Barbara


Certification in Elementary Administration - University of Minnesota
Certification in Secondary Administration - University of Minnesota
M.S. Special Education - Minnesota State University, Mankato

Learning Disabilities and
Emotional/Behavior Disorders

BA English and Speech Education - Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN

BICA Faculty contracted work with the following organizations and groups:

Minnesota Department of Education - No Child Left Behind/School Improvement: Worked with three urban and one suburban school to analyze data and develop school improvement plans to address adequate yearly progress and provided professional development to teachers in those schools

Minnesota Department of Education - No Child Left Behind/School Improvement: co-planned and provided professional training to all state approved external providers to address the requirements of NCLB and adequate yearly progress

Prior Lake Public Schools : Provided mediation and negotiation services to the school district and the special education cooperative to assist with the process of making decisions related to the delivery of special education services for low incident disabilities

Minneapolis Public Schools : Served as the director of Elementary Literacy for 43 schools/programs. Lead the development of a Literacy Framework to establish the philosophy, model and delivery of the K-5 curriculum for reading, writing, speaking and listening. Hired, supervised and provided weekly professional develop to 31 literacy coaches. Coordinated the Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) program, coordinated the Mayor’s volunteer event, “I Know I Can” and served as the district liaison for Reading Corps

Indiana Department of Education : Developed and implemented the curriculum for Teacher Mentors Project

Principal : Minneapolis Public Schools
Responsibilities included

  • Managing a four million dollar building budget
  • Day-to-day management and instructional leader for a school of 651 students and 127 staff
  • Staffing and curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms including classrooms for students ages 3-5 in early childhood special education and a large program serving students with emotional/behavioral disorders
  • Collaborating with an active neighborhood association, a business partner, cultural groups and the University of Minnesota on projects and creating a volunteer program in the school
  • Serving as grant administrator for several grants including Tree Trust, Reading First, Reading Excellence and Arts grants
  • Increasing the use of technology for educational and administrative purposes
  • Working with various district administrative advisories and departments

Additional administrative positions

  • Intern Assistant Principal at Marcy Open School and Anne Sullivan Communications Center
  • Assistant Principal at Bryn Mawr Elementary School
  • Principal on Special Assignment for the Superintendent of Elementary Education, assigned to assist K-5 schools with Arts for Academic Achievement and served as the district director of Reading First


  • Member, Board of Directors-Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents
  • Minnesota Representative to Educational Testing Service in the development of the
  • PRAXIS test for new teachers-Exceptional Educator Assessment
  • Committee member for the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards for the development of the NBPTS assessment for Exceptional Educator Certification
  • Chairperson, Principal’s Advisory for Special Education
  • Secretary for the Principal’s Forum
  • President and other offices for the Minnesota Council for Children With Behavior Disorders
  • Secretary and teacher representative for the National Council for Children With Behavior Disorders


  • Speech/English Rosemount High School, Rosemount Minnesota
  • English/Careers School for Pregnant Adolescents, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • EBD Classroom Madison and Harrison Schools, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Behavior Specialist Anwatin Middle School, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Curriculum Specialist Marcy Open School, Minneapolis Public Schools


Speech - Grades 6-12
Language Arts - Grades 6-12                                 

Specific Learning Disabilities - Grades K-12                                     
Emotional/Behavioral Disorders -  Grades K-12                                     
Elementary Principal - Grades K-6
Secondary Principal - Grades 6-12    

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your philosophy of working with people?

A: My philosophy of working with people of all ages is based on the work of Cruikshank and Vernon Jones. I work to give all people significance, competence and power. Each person needs to know that someone cares that they exist; that someone recognizes their abilities; that each person needs to have choices and authority to make decisions.

Q: What type of experience have you had in education?

A: My experiences include working in high schools, middle schools, adult education and suburban schools, but my heart goes to being the principal of an urban elementary school. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with fine educators who are teaching students academic and social skills that will lead them to succeed in their lives. I have dedicated my professional life to my students. I have been especially concerned with students who have special needs and English Language Learners.

Q: What accomplishment makes you proud?

A: I am most proud of having developed a collaborative model of serving students. I see myself as a risk taker and a person who will work until the task is done, the race is won and the problem is resolved. Being a principal has given me the opportunity to guide and teach students, teachers and families about the gifts a person receives by being educated. Each day you are in school and each new thing you learn can never be taken from you. It is true no matter your language, your special needs or your economic status. 


Personal Perspectives on Emotional Disturbance/Behavioral Disorders: article in book edited by Benjamin L. Brooks and David A. Sabatino, Pro-ed (1994).

"The Regular Education Initiative: Patent Medicine for Behavioral Disorders," Exceptional Children Journal, 1988. (co-authored)

"Reform: For Everyone?" Special Focus Section, Teaching Exceptional Children, 1988. (co-authored)

"Responding to Death and Grief in a School," Pointer, Heldref Publication, 1988. (co-authored)


"Trained in the Chadwick Collaborative model, Barbara used Chadwick's theory and practice for effective group task and consensus. She was careful to explain to our group her methods, which were unfamiliar to us, and she guided us proficiently through a process toward the final goal. She persevered, she communicated, and she met with me on off-times to ensure that we didn't miss a step along the way. I highly recommend Barb for leadership and consultation in a variety of venues. As a former principal and teacher, she is well-rounded in all areas of education and best practice. Barbara has my highest regard. She is thoughtful, pleasant, and competent and I am a better educator from what I learned from her."
- Student Services Coordinator (Prior Lake, MN)


  • Minneapolis Elementary Principals Association-Outstanding Professional 2004
  • National Professional of the Year for Council for Children with Behavior Disorders
  • Sheldon Braaten Leadership Award for MN Council for Children with Behavior Disorders
  • Nominee for MN Teacher of the Year
  • 100+ presentations at conferences, conventions and schools
  • Represented Minnesota on development of The Praxis Series fro Educational Testing Service


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​Barbara Braaten

Training Topics