Sept. 22-24 - The National Adolescent Conference IV takes place in Chicago, IL


Oct. 2-5 - The International Adolescent Conference VIII takes place in Snowmass, CO



Nov. 3-4 - MN Fall EBD Conference

Sept. 22-24 - BICA presents the 9th Biennial International CCBD Conference in New Orleans, LA

Apr. 14-15 - 29th Annual Indiana Conference on ED

Mar. 6-8 - Midwest Care & Treatment Conference


Sept. 14-16 - The National Adolescent Conference III returns to Minneapolis, MN


Nov. 4-6 - International Child & Adolescent Conference XV  takes place in the Twin Cities

Apr. 15-16 - 28th Annual Indiana Conference on ED

Mar. 7-9 - Midwest Care & Treatment Conference

Jan. 7 - BICA relocates to Roseville, MN in expanded office space and the Goldstein Memorial Library and training center that can accommodate 30 people



Promoting improved services for troubled youth

since 1982


Nov. 5-6 - MN Fall EBD Conference

Sept. 24-26 - BICA presents the 8th Biennial International CCBD Conference in Denver, CO

Apr. 23-24 - 27th Annual Indiana Conference on ED

Apr. 5-7 - Midwest Care & Treatment Conference


Sept. 28 - Oct. 1 - The conference becomes the International Adolescent Conference VII and returns to Miami, FL


Oct.  - International Child & Adolescent Conference XIII takes place in Minneapolis.  Kim Peek, The Real Rainman, is a featured speaker.

Sept. - BICA offices double in size providing a retail bookstore, conference room and library and offices.



August - www.behavioralinstitute.org goes live

July - The Arnold Goldstein Memorial Library opens

March - Melissa Knoll is hired as the Institute's first full-time employee

January - BICA moves into its new headquarters in Arden Hills


Sheldon Braaten expresses the need for a conference that brings together professionals from the fields of education, mental health and juvenile justice to best serve troubled children and youth. Dr. Eleanor Guetzloe tells him to create it.


Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents has been promoting improved services for troubled children and youth since 1982.

July 9 - Redesigned BICA Web site launches


Oct. 11-13 - The National Adolescent Conference II takes place in Pensacola, FL


Oct. 2 - Don't Stop - Reach the Top Youth and Mentor Dinner

Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 - International Child & Adolescent Conference XVI features Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

Apr. 26-27 - 30th Annual Indiana Conference on ED


Oct. 4-6 - The National Adolescent Conference V takes place in Miami, FL


Oct. 14 - 16 - International Child & Adolescent Conference XII returns to Minneapolis.  A decision is made to keep the conference in the Twin Cities area in the Fall of even-numbered years.


Oct. 30 - Nov. 2 - The conference becomes the International Child & Adolescent Conference XI and is held in Miami, FL


Sept. 18-21 - The inaugural conference on Programming for the Developmental Needs of Adolescents with Behavioral Disorders takes place in Minneapolis, MN


The Inaugural Minnesota EBD Conference takes place in Arden Hills. This returns a tradition of a Fall conference to the state. A decision is made to conduct a Fall EBD conference during odd-numbered years.


Sept. 30 - Oct. 3 - The National Adolescent Conference VI takes place in Reno, NV


Nov. 1-4 - The International Adolescent Conference X takes place in Portland, OR


Sept. 23-26 - The International Adolescent Conference IX takes place in Bethesda, MD


Nov. 6-8 - International Child & Adolescent Conference XIV takes place in the Twin Cities

Apr. 24-25 - 26th Annual Indiana Conference on ED

Mar. 9-11 - Midwest Care & Treatment Conference