Books That Explain and Inspire is a collection of books that has been specifically selected to support and assist children and youth who are facing the challenges of life.

Our mission is to assure young people that

  1. They are not the first person to have experienced a problem
  2. Problems are solvable
  3. There are multiple ways to approach positive problem solving.

Some of the challenges are routine and anticipated in the course of normal development.  We have books that explain the complexities of friendships, self-esteem, social skills, emotions, school expectations, bullying, internet issues and health/safety behaviors. Our stories are applicable for classrooms and bedtime alike.  By hearing about others’ situations, children experience the problems from a distance but relate them to their own lives.

In our collection, we have books that help children develop empathy and understanding for classmates, friends and others in the community.  Our books address everything from food allergies to complex physical issues such as Tourette’s Syndrome or a seizure disorder.  The stories explain the conditions to young people and help them accept and include people with different abilities.

The books can be used to answer questions or initiate discussions about new babies; adoption, pet ownership, sibling quarrels, or moving to a new school.  We have some books that explain why an older person is more forgetful or how a canine companion helps some people.

Some of the challenges are more difficult.  We supply materials to support children and youth who have experienced the death of a loved one; a divorce in the family; domestic abuse; separation due to deployment, incarceration, or relocation; chemical issues/abuse; depression; homelessness and the termination of parental rights. Children and teens who experience any of these issues need a supportive adult who can open the door for questions and counseling. These books are intended to be used individually or in very small groups when children are experiencing life changing situations.  Hearing these stories helps children feel safer and they provide encouragement by knowing that others have experienced similar situations and been able to survive and thrive.

Our collection includes stories of individuals who will inspire all people to see challenges as opportunities.  The stories share personal victories of some people and others tell how the world was changed.  Most of all, the stories give all readers hope, pride and optimism about all the challenges we face. 

Promoting improved services for troubled youth

since 1982