Bolder Options

Promoting improved services for troubled youth

since 1982

BICA's Executive Director is a past member of the Bolder Options Board. Bolder Options has participated in BICA conferences and events and shares a compatible vision. 

Bolder Options is an activity-based, one-to-one youth mentoring program. The program uses running & biking, academic goal setting, and volunteerism to build self-esteem and encourage healthy habits in 10 - 14 year-old youth.

Bolder Options' comprehensive intervention program coordinates family, community, school and government resources in a united effort to combat truancy and juvenile delinquency. The program offers more than just an opportunity for a youth to form a relationship with an adult - it focuses on forming healthy habits, building confidence, instilling trust, and improving the quality of life for youth and their families

Bolder Options Mission: Teaching Youth to Succeed in ALL of Life's Races.