Sheldon Braaten, Ph.D. AUTHOR
Susan Albrecht, Ed.D.
Lynn Wilder, Ed.D.
Kathi Wilhite, Ed.D. 

B.O.S. Training

Graduate Credit & Continuing Education

Graduate credit toward EBD licensure and continuing education clock hours are available.

Custom Workshops

The workshop can be customized based on experience level, particular needs and available workshop time. For more information on developing a custom workshop, please contact us.

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Target Audience

Interest Area
  • Education
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Mental Health
  • Families
Expertise Level
  • General
  • Professional
Age Level
  • Adult

Children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders present particularly complex management and discipline issues. Unfortunately, the current focus is often on how to suppress or manage the many diverse problems these youth present, while little attention is given to contributing factors, or to the developmentally insensitive manner in which they are treated in schools and elsewhere. This workshop will provide instruction on how to use the Behavioral Objective Sequence, a practical and critical tool for integrating functional assessment into a model for determining students’ level of social development, and for preparing intervention plans that are effective and developmentally appropriate.

Promoting improved services for troubled youth

since 1982


  • Characteristics of Students with Problem Behaviors: Contributing Factors and Implications for Assessment and Intervention
  • Assessing Developmental Level of Social Performance: Identifying Developmentally Appropriate Objectives with the BOS
  • The Curriculum for Teaching Prosocial Competencies
  • Preparing Assessment-based and Developmentally Appropriate Intervention Plans
  • Preparing Coordinated School-Community Agency Intervention Plans
  • Demonstration of the BOS software

Skill Areas:

Participants will learn:

  • to integrate various assessment data into a developmental assessment
  • how to select developmentally appropriate behavioral goals and objectives
  • how to link goals and objectives to developmentally appropriate intervention plans
  • how to integrate learning-based curriculums for social development into intervention plans
  • how to use practical tools for monitoring progress and making adjustments in intervention plans
  • how to coordinate school and community agency intervention resources with students’ objectives
  • how to use the BOS software program

Training Options

Stage 1: Awareness
1-2 hour
Stage 2: Application
1/2-full day
Stage 3: Independence
1-2 days
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BICA Training:  B.O.S. - Behavioral Objective Sequence

Scheduled Workshops:

May 3
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
BICA - Little Canada, MN


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