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1 in 5 Children Living Below the Poverty Line

7 Cs of Resilience
K. Ginsburg 
A Child By The Age of 14 Will Have Witnessed 18,000 Deaths

ABCs of Adolescents

AdolescenceA.C. Perry 
Adolescents and Their Needs

Adolescent Delinquency and Trauma - an 18 year-old in prison 
J. Baer & T. Maschi
Adolescent Developmental Needs
V. Jones 
Adolescent Health & Resilience
Child Trends 
Adolescents Exist in Holding Patterns
J. Mackey 
Adverse Childhood Experiences & Well-Being Fact Sheet
Child Trends 
An Inside Look at the Teen Brain
S. Kuchinskas 
Are the Children Well - Child Trends July 2014
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 
Basic Principles About the Nature of Human Beings

Beliefs about Children's Development
M. M. Wood 
Caffeine Craze of Youth 

Carefully Taught
Rogers & Hammerstein
Child Maltreatment Fact Sheet
Childhood Aggression - Where Does It Come From?
Children Learn What They Live

Confident Children
Pierangelo & Giuliani
Developmental Milestones Checklist
Developmental Milestones 3-16 year olds
Destefanis & Firchow 
Developmental Task TheoryHavighurst 
Five Cs of Positive Youth Development
R. Learner 
Girls Brief: What Direct Service Providers Want
National Girls Institute
Hierarchy of Needs
A. Maslow 
I Shall Create
WG. Brooks 
Inalienable Rights of IndividualsJCMCH 
Keys for KidsU of MN
Moments in America for Children 2014
Children's Defense Fund
Needs of Young AdolescentsLipsitz & Dorman
School Violence Fact Sheet 2013CDC
Stages of Adolescent DevelopmentKids Groth 
State of America's Children 2016Children's Defense Fund 
Strengths of AdolescentsNMHA
Teen Brain Still Under ConstructionNMHA
Teens and Planning Ahead
K. Dohney 
Teens Long for Control and RespectBolster Collaborative 
United Nations Rights of the Child
United Nations 
What Is Child Welfare? A Guide for Educators
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Children's Bureau 
What is Youth Development & Engagement?
Forum for Youth Investment 
What We Know About Children
M. Hartwell-Walker 
When You Give Teens Respect
16 year-old 
Youth Bill of Rights
Youth Developmental Resources
Child Trends 
Youth Risk and Protective Factors
Find Youth Info 
Youth Risk Behavior Survey Overview
Youth Violence - Fact Sheet
Youth Violence - Myths & Realities
Youth Violence Risk and Protective Factors
Young Children & Caregivers Need
J. Kinzer